“Content structure: An editor’s perspective”

This session will take you from narrative to chunks—without losing the story. If you come from an editorial background, content “structure” doesn’t mean the same thing it does to a technical person. But your editorial understanding of narrative structure gives you a solid framework to craft a technical content structure that can make your work even more effective.

This session will give you a new lens on your content and walk you through the steps to structure your content into an architecture for a more effective customer experience and simplified content management experience.
Attending this workshop will help you:

• Understand the framework where your customer lives.

• Figure out the building blocks of your content’s structure.

• Learn how to design and communicate a content architecture/model.

• Understand how to incorporate structure into content creation.

• Identify resources that help you find and get the technology you need.

Who should attend: People who come from an editorial, marketing, or general content strategy or management background, but who are newer to the technical side of things, or who don’t feel confident in their content-structure-specific technical understanding. This workshop is technology-agnostic, and will talk about the kinds of questions you need to ask of technology instead of prescribing a particular solution.

About the Speakers

Laura Creekmore

President, Creek Content


Laura Creekmore and her company, Creek Content, develop content strategy and information architecture for organizations with complex communication needs. She teaches content strategy as an adjunct faculty member at Kent State University, and serves as the associate editor for IA for the ASIS&T Bulletin.