“Understanding Customers: Data, Journeys and Insights”

Everyone’s heard “you get what you measure” at one point or another, but the vast majority of us are still focusing on metrics as a speedometer - a way to find out how fast you’re going, or more accurately how many you’re getting, how long they’re staying, and what thing is the most popular. While that info is important, there’s also a chance to use data and analytics the way you use Google Maps - a way to build context about where you are, how to get where you want to be, and what there is to do in your current location.

By starting with an understanding of your customer, and how you fit into their life, you can not only develop a better understanding of what metrics matter to you, but also how they can shape your understanding of who you’re speaking to, what they want, and how you can develop better content for them. This workshop will focus on customer journeys, using data to develop consumer insights, and using insights to develop quality, effective content.

About the Speakers

Jon Crowley

Strategy Director, Cossette


Jon Crowley has spent the last decade working in strategic planning roles across the marketing communications spectrum. Depending on your perspective, he’s either a multidisciplinary strategic thinker engaged in the nuanced interplay between mass and targeted, traditional and digital, and brand and consumer, or he lacks focus. 

Jon is a Strategy Director at Cossette in Toronto. He’s interested in customer journeys, channel strategy and making people fall in love with things.